Your Tax Time Checklist

One More Step Toward Financial Peace of Mind at Tax Time

Identification Needed for Tax Returns

Social Security Numbers (Yours, Your Spouse's, Your Dependents)

Photocopy of State Issued ID for Taxpayer & Spouse 


Income Information

W-2 Forms 

1099 Forms 

SSA-1099 (Social Security Benefits Received)

Alimony Received or Paid

Business/Farming Income and Expenses 

Rental Property Income and Expenses 

Gambling Winnings and Losses

Information on Sales of Any Assets


Deduction Information

Unreimbursed Medical/Dental Expenses

Charitable Donations 

Health Savings Account Information

Investment Interest Expense

Education Costs  (Also listed above as Form 1098T)

Child Care Costs (provider's name address tax ID and amount paid)

Casualty and Theft Losses

Real Estate Taxes Paid

Personal Property Taxes

Tax Related Information

Most Recently Completed Tax Return

Estimated Tax Payments